Styled by Sara: Five {Easy} Steps to Casual-Chic for Summer

You have asked for it... I figure it's about time I deliver!!

When I'm not donning my standard mommy-uniform of some sort of active wear, casual-chic is my jam. Here is one of my fave go-to casual-chic summer looks.

Here's a closer look.

The perfect blend of casual and chic!! (Yay.) Since looking at a picture can be intimidating, I've included 5 simple steps so you too can get your casual-chic on this summer. Sara style.

1.) Neutral colored statement necklace. This antler one is so fun! I wear it alllll the time. Adds a little somethin' somethin' to any outfit, and because it's neutral - it goes with virtually everything... Big fan.

Hint - make sure to pick a statement necklace that's simple and lightweight!! If it's really clunky, intricate and heavy, chances are - you won't want to wear it on a daily basis. Blending form with function is a key part of casual-chic!

2.) The front knot. This simple technique has been recycled from decades past - and it's still just as fabulous. This is definitely my fave way to totally transform a top! I swear I have a whole new wardrobe soley because of this technique.

Heck to the YESSS! 3.) Cotton midi shorts.

The camo-print isn't essential, but I like that it adds a little extra edge. Can't find camo-print? Look for something with rips, distressing, lace, embroidery or a fun print - these will add that extra bit of on-trend edge.

In terms of material, I love wearing lightweight cotton in the summer because it's so breathable and comfy! And the midi length?? It's both flattering AND practical. Win win. (Especially for us 30-something mommies who don't want to show the world our booty or our thong, every time we bend over to pick something up, like a crumb... or many of them.)

Edgy + comfy + flattering + practical = my true happy place.

4.) Lots of mix n' match bangles. When it comes to bangles, I have a motto: the more the merrier! Just pile these babies on! And don't discriminate. All colors, styles, metals, shapes are welcome. Like one big happy bangle family.

5.) Oversized messy bun. Ummmm - I love this. So much. Best 2-min hair do ever! And guess what?? You don't have to have hair down to your waist to create this!

Just grab a hair tie, a comb/brush and some bobbies. When I want mine looking more polished I comb it as I'm putting it up (to smooth out the bumpies!). As I'm putting in the hair tie, I pull it through a few times (so that it's messy and discombobulated looking). Then I pin in a few spots - strategically, to make it pretty and full. I use a handheld mirror to check the back and sides. Then I give it a spray or two of hairspray and call it good.

Voila - great hair (which might I add, is off your neck... a huge plus for this scorching CO weather as of late) in seconds. Yippie.

There you have it my loves. You've officially been Styled by Sara. Time to go show that casual-chic who's boss.

Xoxo... Sara

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