Am I Valuable?

Remember the old, plain, grey rock we picked up and saved as a child because it was so special to us? Though it looked just like the 100's of others surrounding it, we picked IT. Anyone who saw it could easily tell us it was worth nothing. Because technically, it was worth nothing. But WE gave it immense value. We didn't see a worthless, insignificant, old rock. We saw a treasure. We deemed it worthy enough to be picked up, carried away, and saved somewhere special for all those years. Because it was immensely valuable to US. Well - guess what? We are just like that little rock. Why did our rock have any value? It had value because of the value given to it by it's owner: us. Our value is no different. It comes from our owner.

Our value doesn't come from what others might, or might not see in us. It isn't affected by what has been done to us, or inflicted upon us. It doesn't sit in what we do, or don't do.

Yes. Let me say that again. Your value, my value, comes from one place. Our maker, owner and creator. Thus, IT CAN NEVER BE LOST. Taken. Belittled. Defiled. Stolen. Mocked. Removed. Harsh words.











Defeat. Nothing can ever take away the value given to us by our owner. Ever. Your value is immense. And you, my darling, are a treasure.

Rest there. Xoxo... Sara {PS - I'm all about giving credit where credit is due. The content of this blog post was inspired by this week's amazing sermon at Two Rivers Church, by my hubby, Spud Duffey}

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