What If You Could Have BOTH?

What if you could have both??? Time AND money. (You can.) (I know a way.) Ok. I'm gonna put my big girl panties on, be bold and just go there. Where is there? Well, it's the discussion I'm about to embark upon. Not even close to my comfort zone. But who ever said we grow by staying comfy?! So here goes. (Big money no whammies) When it comes to direct sales (or MLMs/network marketing, as most of us call them) it's easy to brag about the amazing products that are changing lives, bodies, health, skin, personal style, living habits, energy level, you name it. It's safe. To discuss the products. Because we all want to feel and look better. Be healthier. That seems noble. Acceptable.

But yet, somehow we shy away from talking about the actual business opportunity here. Because there's this weird shame attached. A stigma. Like it's not a "real" business... It's for lazy, uneducated, "sellouts."

Which, now that I've been in the industry for about 3 months and have had the glorious opportunity of connecting with others in my own or other network marketing companies, I know that in actuality, that couldn't be farther from the truth. People who join MLMs are just like anyone else. They have a dream. A goal. A vision. And with that - the drive, determination and commitment to hard work, to get there. This is simply their vehicle to do so. That's my story. And the story of so many others. Now don't get me wrong - I am all about a great product. But can I be honest? I didn't say yes to my direct sales business for the products. (I woulda said yes to a company that sold Dr. Pepper. I hate Dr. Pepper. And I don't drink soda.) I said yes for the opportunity. The opportunity to change my life and my family's life. Like many of you, I was skeptical and distrusting of MLMs and what I considered to be "pyramid schemes." I not only believed the stereotype/stigma, I fostered it. Yet, one day, God got a hold of my heart. Humbled me. Broke me. Showed me my own pride. Spoke to me. Loud and clear. And I felt so unbelievably convicted. That this - this thing I used to mock, was the very thing that he was directing ME to do. (Talk about a crisis in belief.) Though I did not "want" to, I knew it was his plan for me. For my family. So I did the unthinkable. I said yes. (It's a fairly good idea to say yes to God.) And can I tell you something crazy? It's working. Guys. IT'S FREAKING WORKING. Which means - I'm getting closer and closer to my dream of get this: (and I know it will surprise you) Retiring from being a professional makeup artist. Forever. I know most of you reading this just went, "WHAT? But you're so good, and you make people feel so amazing!! Why would you stop?" Can I level with you? Yes, I love making women feel beautiful. Love it. And I know I'm realllly good at it. But allow me to be frank. (Wow I just thought of hot dogs, I must be hungry.) I love time with my family and financial independence MORE. Way, way more. Just no comparison there. So. Can one really have both time AND money? Why yes. Yes they can. Anyone can. Even me. Even you. Are you tired of trading time for money?? Tired of missing out on making memories with those you love most, because you're working hard, to get the funds, ultimately so that you can: make memories with those you love most? (Yeah I know. Sounds nuts. But yet - it's a reality for most us. Myself included.) Want to have both?? Time AND money? You can. You really can. Come join me. Let's do this together.

Xoxo... Sara

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