Size Matters

I know your mind just went there. lol. And that's ok. But that's NOT what I'm talking about my dears. I'm talking about CLOTHING size. Yes. It actually does matter. For years I told myself that it didn't, but that's not true. When you're a woman, it actually DOES matter. Not because we feel deeply ashamed of wearing a larger size (though some of us do, and I get that), but because being able to FIT into a smaller size = actually BEING a smaller size. It's that simple. Can I share something really cool that recently happened? I bought a size SMALL. And not just once, but 4 times. FOUR FREAKING TIMES. In all different brands, I might add. (So it wasn't a random fluke, lol, praise the good Lord!) Why exactly am I sharing this tidbit? Well, it's certainly not to brag. I'm not the bragging type. I'm sharing this because I want to help YOU. I know what it feels like to appear healthy and fit and confident and beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, you feel like you're trapped in a body you're sooo ashamed of. And thus, it affects everything.

Taking your kiddo's swimming in the summer, wearing a pretty dress to your friends' wedding, being intimate with your man -- because you feel gross and yucky every time you look in the mirror and see your naked reflection. It sucks. And though I'm certainly not at my physique goal yet, finally being able to fit into a size small once again is incredibly encouraging. And it's spurring me on to keep going. Keep pushing. Keep pressing forward in this battle. And, I want YOU to be able to feel what I feel. I don't want to hide the thing that has allowed me to suddenly be able to fit (and comfortably I might add) into a size small - for the first time since my early 20's. I know that many of you might be thinking, well Sara, that wasn't that long ago, but it actually was. I know I may look young, but I'm almost 37 y'all. (Pushing 40!!) So my early 20's was a long-ace time ago. A long time of never seeing a size small on this bod. So what exactly IS my secret? I'd love to share. It's not a fancy gym or a crazy 4-hours-a-day workout regimen. It's not a horribly unhealthy 500 calorie diet. Though I do workout and I do eat healthy. It's AdvoCare. Adding in AdvoCare to my healthy lifestyle has changed my world. Now before you check out and say - "lame, she's in the direct sales/network marketing cult. I'm out." (lol) Let me just tell you - I used to feel that exact same way about every "direct sales scheme." I was a total, "I-hate-the-player-AND-the-game," skeptic. But now, I'm a, "scream-your-head-off-in-the-front-row," Advo-groupie.

So, I see no reason to NOT share one of the best things that ever happened to me. (Sorry for the double negative, just go with it!) AdvoCare has changed me. My heart, my relationship with God, my finances, my perspective, my confidence, AND my bod. Now I get to say these words: Um, I'll take a size SMALL. And oh how BIG that is.

Xoxo... Sara {If this strikes a chord and you want to know more, or perhaps you'd like to know what exactly I did/do to see results - give me a holler. I'd love to share, AND hear from you. Contact me here oh sweet one. Loves!}

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