Blush Crimes

Ok loves. This just has got to be shared. You may hate me now, but I can promise you, you'll thank me later. Lol. (So remember that!) Blush crimes. Sadly, they do actually exist. And if you are "guilty" of committing one, don't stress!! Just tweak a little.

My darlings, blush (or bronzer for that matter) does NOT go on your cheekbones. Ever. It goes below. In case we missed that, allow me to repeat myself. Blush does not, under any circumstances go on your cheekbones.

If you want to dress up those cheekbones, apply highlighter there. That is what "goes" there. That is a spot where you want to reflect light, not absorb it!! Or if that feels too complex, just don't apply anything there. But please, I beg of you, do not apply blush on your cheekbones. It's a bit... criminal. So where the heck does blush go then??

It goes BELOW the cheekbones, loves. On what's called the "apple" of your cheeks (the puffy part when you smile). That is where the bulk of the color should go. Creating that little "pop" of color we all desire. Also, to avoid a distinct circle of color (not good!), after you've applied to the apples of your cheeks, you may always use your blush brush (without adding new product) to softly blend/ buff out the edges of your blush, if you wish.

If you do this step, you'll want to blend backwards, towards your ears (in the hollow part of your cheeks). This helps to soften the edges (so there's no harsh lines) where you have applied your blush. It will also softly blend your blush into your contour/bronzer, which is another plus. {Many celebrities and pro artists do this!} Well there you have it my dears. Now go and show that blush who's boss.


Xoxo... Sara

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