25 things you may not know about me...

1. In the 5th grade, I sang “Stand by Me” for my school's talent show.


2. I am 50% Ukrainian. Third generation.


3. My favorite comedy of all time is “Tommy Boy.”


4. My dad took me to my first concert when I was 10. Debbie Gibson. Amazing.


5. In high school, I once fell down the stairs in the middle of the cafeteria, at lunchtime. Still ranks as one of my most embarrassing moments.


6. I love big dogs. We have a handsome black lab named Duke. I call him my “sonny,” along with many other (un dog-like) nicknames.


7. I'm a bargain shopper JUNKIE. My fave spots? Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx.


8. I once worked at a Pig Ear factory. The smell alone was traumatic.


9. At 16, my grandpa bought me my first car.


10. I believe organization is an art form.






11. My favorite cheap date is wine and conversation, next to a fire, in our back yard. Sometimes we get crazy and throw in a cigar. (My husband is a bit of a connoisseur.) I always opt for the girlie, skinny, flavored ones.


12. I live vicariously through ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ I'm still holding out for ‘Dancing with the Mommies.’


13. I went backpacking for a whole week when I was a freshman in high school. I think my pack was bigger than me.


14. I was in a sorority in college. (Alpha Chi Omega, if you were wondering.)


15. I used to want to be a movie star, when I "grew up."


16. I'm obsessed with history and historical architecture. We spend many afternoons exploring historical Denver neighborhoods... Always an adventure.

17. My hair is naturally curly. (And unfortunately, naturally frizzy.)


18. The first perfume I ever wore was Calvin Klein’s, ‘Eternity.’ That scent still takes me back.


19. I cry during the auditions of every singing/dancing/performing reality show. Never fails.


20. I've always secretly wished I had an accent. One night in college I donned a British one. Everyone believed it was real.


21. My laugh is so loud (and contagious) it is only surpassed by that of my mother-in-law. When the two of us get together, it's a little bit of insanity.


22. I wear some form of shimmer or glitter on the regular. (And get this - I'm not 6!) Who doesn't love to sparkle?


23. My husband is the funniest person I know.


24. I still own my New Kids on the Block earrings.


25. My favorite thing to do with my daughter is cuddle. Never gets old.